Digital Marketing Entry Pricing Packages



No hidden fees. No pressure.
FREE Advertising Consultation

Depending on your goals and needs we will recommend a good online advertising plan that will help you and your business increase in sales, revenue and profit.

If you have a site already, we will perform additional tasks below

Keyword Research & Selection

We will perform extensive keyword research and come up with high-intent keywords with at least decent search volume. Those keywords can be used in our On-Page suggestion part to further increase traffic to your site.

Baseline SEO Ranking Report

We will find out what keywords your site is ranking for on its own and what position they occupy in the SERP's.

On Page Optimization

We will check your site and offer a suggestion on optimizing the On-Page factors.



Ideal for Small & Local Businesses with a limited budget.

Google My Business Listing Creation

We will create your google my business listing and make sure it is verified and safe from potential claims on Google Maps.

Listing Optimization

We will optimize your listing for your business and location. Optimization includes keyword research, geo-tagging of pictures, reviews so that potential customers find you faster when they search for your service.

Ranking In Top 3 Map Positions

We will rank your listing on top 3 positions in the Google Maps and Search so that you can have an endless amount of leads and become a go-to service for your customers. Our ranking service is unique and uses high-quality authority sites that are recognized by Google. The methods we use have more long term authority impact and are faster than traditional backlinking and citation methods everybody else uses. This is also what the $500/month pricing is for. If you just wanted to optimize your listing without ranking please let us know beforehand.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Weekly and Monthly reports include how much calls are being made from the listing and their duration. Also, you will be able to see how much views the listing is generating on Google Maps & Search.

Email & Phone Support

By being our client you will have full support over email and phone.



Ideal for ecommerce, big companies with the goal to reach massive audiences.

Bring Back Your Lost Customers

Just 1 small change to drastically increase your leads, clients & revenue. We will create a special customer oriented campaign that will bring back people who visited your site but didn't take action. The Retargeting campaign will show your banner/ad to people who visited your site while they are on other sites. This will have immediate impact on your business. 

Reporting & Campaign Management

We will manage the retargeting campaign for you on an ongoing basis and report every week with statistics. You will be able to see the exact number of people who are returning to your site to finish the "deal" (to click, fill info, buy, dial the ph#, etc.)


Email & Phone Support

By being our client you will have full support over email and phone.

No more page switching to see changes—everything is here in front of you! A new era of content creation has reached WordPress!

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Lead Generation?

Our leads are high quality, pre-qualified and exclusive for each of our clients. There is no setup fee, no contracts, fast setup, performance based. We are cheaper than Zillow and LendingTree while providing more information than our competitors.

Why Is There No Pricing For Lead Generation?

Our pricing package for lead generation is different from each industry involved and is based on the initial performance from the "paid trial". A paid trial is a low amount investment to test our quality of service and depending on the industry/business it is a $500-$850. We do not profit from a paid trial as we spend all the money acquiring leads for our clients. Our motto is "For every $ you give us, we try to give back $2,$3,$4 or more".

Is Retargeting The Right Choice For Me?

Retargeting is used to bring back people who visited your site and didn't take action. We usually offer this service to our clients with online, e-commerce or Shopify stores but sometimes we do recommend for local clients depending on the industry. Not all local businesses can use retargeting to the fullest like online store owners can. Depending on the business we offer retargeting on Google, Facebook, and AdRoll. Google retargeting has many different paths and we will advise the best possible option in regard to your business needs and goals.

I Have Google My Business Listing. Why Do We Need You?

Our Google My Business Listing services cover the creation, optimization, and ranking of your listing in the 3-pack (First 3 position on Google Maps) on the first page of google for your business and location. Many business owners have unfinished listings that can be claimed by anybody or competition, in turn, to remove you from the maps. The other issue is if you have not completed the listing it will not rank and you won't be able to interact with your customers. Having an optimized and ranking Google My Business Page will bring you leads on autopilot without you having to do much besides replying to reviews and occasionally giving discounts, coupons, deals or bundles.